Importance of
Workers' Compensation Insurance

To become a member of the HBA of Greater Springfield businesses must have a B or Better grade with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), General Liability Insurance & Workers' Compensation Insurance*

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Defined by the US Department of Labor

Workers' compensation (workers’ comp) is a form of accident insurance paid by employers. No payroll deductions are taken out of employees' salaries for this insurance. If you’re injured on the job or acquire a work-related illness, workers’ comp will pay your medical expenses, and if you can’t work, it will also cover wage-loss compensation until you’re able to return to work.

Defined by one of our HBA Insurance Members (Fortner Insurance):

Workers’ Compensation insurance is a type of coverage purchased by an employer that is designed to serve two purposes.

  1. A typical policy insures that workers injured on the job get medical benefits and wage compensation for a portion of the income they lose while unable to work.
  2. Workers’ compensation insurance also protects your company from lawsuits brought by workers who were injured while working. Ask your Fortner Insurance representative how we can help protect you and your employees in the event of a workplace injury.

*Workers' Compensation is necessary for membership If said business is required to have Workers' Compensation by the state of Missouri.