Who’s Winning the HBA Video Contest?

The title of this post might be a tiny bit deceiving because the videos we are referring to were never intended to be posted as a competition.

Here is a little of the back story to help you follow. The HBA had videos created and some have now been posted on Facebook. In our current video arsenal we have a PSA about the importance of Smoke Alarm maintenance, PSA about Workers’ Compensation, Joe Schmoe TV spot, and a KY3 Focus on Home about how Research Matters. In addition, there are video blogs by board members where they explain the importance of hiring an HBA member and share how much the HBA has helped their business. There is more to the videos than that, but this gives you an idea (please watch below – like and share).

This is where the competition begins, but not where it ends. Shelley Wehner, with Cabinet Concepts by Design was the first video posted by a board member on the HBA Facebook page (seen below). Shelley’s video did so well that when John Marion’s video was posted (August 9, 3:03pm) he wanted to make sure his video was shared and viewed by more people than Shelley. So, John had friends and family share his video and the numbers shot way up to 51 SHARES, more than 7,700 people reached and 2,900+ video views. BTW -THIS is a great example of how sharing helps spread the word about our HBA (Shameless Plug – Please Share our Posts).

IT’S NOT OVER! Now that John’s video has done so well, Rusty MacLachlan (J. Russell MacLachlan Custom Homes) has waged war by lining his battlefield with family and friends to a tune of 49 Shares, more than 4,800 people reached and 1,900+ video views in the first 24 hours of posting (August 23, 11:11am).

So, do you have any bets on who will win this video war? WAIT… THERE’S MORE! Jill Vincel will have a video posted on September 6th. She could be the sleeper that comes from behind and takes the victory. Be watching to share Jill’s post to help her catch up to John and Rusty.

Place your vote on who will win this battle of the Facebook Video Posts.

Shelley Wehner (Cabinet Concepts by Design)

John Marion (John Marion Custom Homes)

Rusty MacLachlan (J Russell MacLachlan Custom Homes)

Jill Vincel (Southern Supply)

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