HBA Members have been providing more and more news for our HBA Housing e-News and statistics are showing that members are interested in news provided by other members, so the last e-News of the month will be All About Members. If you have awards, accolades, new employees, new products/innovations, community outreach or anything interesting to share, please send a paragraph or two to Aaron@HBASpringfield.com. It is best to submit at lease 120 words, links to more information and images to make it a little more interesting.

In addition to the HBA Housing e-News, you should be submitting information to go in YOUR HBA Home Pros Info-Letter sent out Quarterly to a database of over 3,000. This database continues to grow as we collect email addresses at our major events (BTW – the two paragraphs above were 126 words).

To see samples of what you can submit to the HBA Home Pros Info-Letter, click here for the issue that went out just last week. BONUS: These articles will be posted on the HBA website which helps with SEO so that the HBA site is found with all kinds of keywords, which ultimately helps you be found through your posts or on the HBA Home Pros search. As a double bonus, your post might be posted on the HBA Facebook page as well.

When to submit:

  1. HBA Housing e-News (to the HBA Membership) – submit your news/info anytime before the 15th of each month to be safe. If you send after the 15th you run the risk that we are filled up or time has run out. This issue is scheduled to send out the last Wednesday of each month.
    Add to Your Calendar (click below):
  2. HBA Home Pros Info-Letter (to consumers) – send in your information before the following dates:

Look for Members’ News and Information, as well as New and Renewing Members, in the last issue of the HBA Housing e-News each month (It’s All About Members).