Watch Video – Burgers, Brats, Blackjack, Block & Bricks was a Blast!

EdphotoSQMidwestBlockFIpostIf you made it to the April HBA Networking Event, at Midwest Block and Brick, you know it was a good time with some great food and awesome prizes! Even though Ed Alden won the fire pit and not me… it was still a good time. There were a few members hesitant to join in on the games of blackjack (Debi Murray and Jana Lee), but once they started playing you could hear the excitement miles away. There were screams of joy with victorious hands and moans of defeat as members handed over their last chip to the dealer. We might want to consider talking Midwest Block & Brick into having their next Networking Event in Vegas:-) Although there were no losers at this event, here are the big winners:

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Fast Forward Version at the bottom of this page… Pretty Funny!

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