WARNING – HBA Poser Database SCAM

Have you received an email asking if you were interested in the “Housing & Building Association Home Show - Parade of Homes Attendees List 2017 “ ?

The offer (sample below) sounds a little fishy to us, simply because the HBA of Greater Springfield does NOT ask for complete contact details from every attendee to the Home Show and the Parade of Homes. We do collect names, email address and phone numbers from Home Show attendees that register for a drawing and we do collect the same information from Parade of Homes attendees that purchase tickets online, but we do NOT make this list available for purchase, nor have we shared it.

The HBA of Greater Springfield will NEVER send you an email offering a list of event registrants. The HBA of Greater Springfield will also NEVER request confidential information through an email. The only HBAGS web address where you can submit information securely is web.springfieldhba.com (direct connection to the HBA Membership Software and requires members to login with your username and password).

The HBA urges you to proceed with caution before making a purchasing decision based on an unsolicited email offer.

Below is a sample of a bogus email that was received recently by a member:


      Would you be interested in the “ Housing & Building Association Home Show - Parade of Homes Attendees List 2017 “ ? which includes complete contact details and verified Email addresses Up-to-date.


Commercial & Multifamily Builders.


Residential Remodelers.

Manufacturers & Suppliers.

Trade Contractors.

Business Professionals.

Retailers / Distributors.

Architects & Designers.

Real Estate Consultants.

Leasing & Marketing Specialists.

Audience By Industry:-

Building & Construction.

Engineering & Manufacturing.

Windows & Home Accessories.

Outdoor Living Spaces & Remodeling.

Real Estate.

Building Materials, Structural Products & HVAC Systems.

Concrete, Bricks, Plumbing, Roofing.

Design Services.

 Each record in the list contains:- Company, contact name (First, Middle and Last name), title, website, telephone, fax, mailing address with street address, city, state, zip code, country code, SIC, NAICs Code, Industry, Revenue, Employee size, Email address, LinkedIn URLs (wherever available).

Could you please let me know your thoughts ?  In turn, I'll get back with precise counts and pricing details for your consideration

Looking back to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Julia Reinerth

Marketing Manager


Simply put, the HBA did NOT supply the data for the list being offered for sale and has no connection to the company making the offer.