VOLUNTEER to Earn a Membership Point!

Would you like to upgrade your booth space at the Remodeling Show or Home Show?

If you feel like you're just not racking up Membership Participation Points like you want to, make sure you're taking advantage of all the ways there are to earn!

Sure, you get a point for having a booth in the Remodeling Show (you can earn 2 if you have four or more booths!), but did you know you also get one if anyone from your business volunteers for at least one shift during the show?  It is simply one of the easiest ways to earn a point at the HBA!  We are in great need of volunteers, particularly on Saturday & Sunday.  We had several people sign up for Friday already, but if you can help on Saturday and/or Sunday please contact Addie as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, next year is a shuffle year for Remodeling Show, and the Home Show shuffles in 2019, so you need to earn as many points as possible before next March if you want first dibs on prime booth space in the shows.  Call or email Addie today to sign up for a volunteer spot at the Remodeling Show and earn an HBA Membership Point.


• See How Many Points Your Company Has - View this spreadsheet for the most current points for your company as well as other HBA members. This google spreadsheet will be updated monthly.

• Participation Point System Playbook - Summary of the point system including how to acquire points and purpose of gaining points for your HBA Membership Company.

• Click here for a PDF of the HBA Member Marketing Resources (2018 Marketing Resources coming soon).