The latest in decking materials – get all decked out!

The latest in decking materials

Taking your home outside has become the latest trend in decking, because we can expand our space, while enjoying the great outdoors. From tried and true to new composite materials, people are making every effort to impress with their deck. Moreover, styles and design trends have come a long way in helping get your home all decked out.

  • Composite materials – typically a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers, which resist splintering, warping and cracking, and require less maintenance.
  • Multi-level decks – transitioning from multi-story homes, perhaps a separate entertainment area and displays a unique design.
  • New Colors – shades of grey now among the wide selection of colors from composite lines.
  • Multi-tones – trim out your deck with multi-colored materials and wood species. Perhaps the steps and railing are the highlight color.
  • Curved Designs – curved decks now more possible with the wide variety of decking materials. Lends a more aesthetic appeal and flexibility in design.
  • Accent Lighting – since you are moving out onto your deck more and more, add lighting to lengthen your day with electrical lighting or temporary solutions.
  • Tried and true – pressure treated wood will last a very long time. Therefore, it makes sense to build with a deck that will enhance your home.

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