Why Hire HBA Home Pros?
In Short - Quality Insured Home Professionals

HBA members (HBA Home Pros) are businesses connected to residential construction and the housing industry in some manner. This includes builders, developers and remodelers as well as banks, plumbers, appliance stores, electricians, lumber, cabinet companies and many more large and small businesses.

HBA Home Pros can be found participating in our Major Events like the HBA Home Show and HBA Parade of Homes. They can also be found in our HBA Magazines and at HBAHomePros.com

To become a HBA Home Pro, companies must submit an application for membership along with the following:

  • Have a "B" or better grade with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Sponsored by an existing HBA member
  • Provide proof of worker’s compensation (if required by Missouri State law)
  • Provide proof of general liability insurance – one of the most important requirements for HBA membership.

When you are thinking about building or remodeling, your first stop is the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield. The HBA is comprised of top-of-the line industry experts (Quality Insured Home Professionals) who love to talk to you about your projects.

Only companies that meet the rigid membership requirements and pass a review by the HBA Board of Directors are eligible for membership. Insurance requirements for membership protect you – the homeowner or home buyer – from liability for on-the-job accidents or other complications on the worksite.

The HBA cares about homeowners, home buyers and housing affordability. We serve to hold our members to the highest standard of professionalism. The community knows that they can depend on the HBA members as the true professionals in the industry!

Make sure the company you hire is a HBA Home Pro and always ask for multiple references. Do your research when it comes to the single biggest investment that most people will encounter in their lifetime.

More Details About the Triple Step Membership Criteria