HBA Magazine 2023

We are at a very unique time in history. We enter into a new year navigating familiar challenges from the last three years while facing new ones. Inflation, labor shortages, manufacturing issues and volatile interest rates are just a few of the hurdles we have endured. However, that's what we do. Our industry is the backbone of the economy, and the HBA leads the way as we face and overcome adversity. We are very fortunate to live in a great area that continues to grow. The HBA of Greater Springfield is at the forefront of our industry and is pushing for more growth and upward trajectory within the housing market of our community.

The HBA has always been a trusted and reputable pillar of our community, and I'm honored to take the helm. Whether it's working with local municipalities on building codes to keep housing costs low, offering education and tools to keep our members at the forefront of a changing industry, or working to develop the next generation of tradesmen, the HBA is here fighting for the Springfield area.

We are well positioned to take on this next year's challenges with a new Executive Officer who is read to lead the organization with fresh ideas and a committed member base that is up for any challenge. Thank you to all our devoted members, and I look forward to the year ahead!


Austin Miller


HBA of Greater Springfield