Proposed Bylaw Amendments by the recommendation of the HBA Board of Directors

The following bylaw amendments are recommended by the HBA of Greater Springfield Board of Directors for approval by the HBA general membership.

The process for bylaw amendments is that, approval is by a two-thirds vote of those members present and in good standing at any meeting provided that a copy of any proposed amendment shall have been printed in the newsletter prior to the meeting where the vote is to be taken. Based on board actions at the April 10 board of directors meeting, that vote is scheduled for the June HBA Networking Event/HBACF Bowling Tournament, with proper notice being published in Housing eNews e-newsletter on May 16, 2018.

Change #1: Clarify general language

Change #2: Add language addressing the board’s ability to establish additional policies, procedures or requirements relating to membership

Change #3: Clarify reasons a membership may be suspended or revoked

Change #4: Correct title position from president-elect to vice president

Change #5: Modify when elections may be held

Change #6: Remove membership cards

Change #7: Modify how membership may be notified

Click to view the proposed bylaw amendments as a pdf file