Photos & Video of the Directory Launch Party – From Saloon to Stars

It was a spectacular HBA Membership Directory Launch Party with a great turnout. More than 80 members attended, plus one prospective member enjoyed the entertainment, red carpet treatment, fine beverages and networking .

Who won the Builders vs. Associates battle of attendance? There were approximately 60 associate members representing 35 companies and 20 builder members representing 12 companies in attendance. From a percentage point of view, 13% of the associate member companies were represented and 15% of the builder member companies were represented. It looks like the builders won this round!! Join us in June to see what the attendance is!

There were others that walked away winners in addition to the 20 builder companies. Could one of the Lee’s have won another give away? Find out who won by watching the photo/video slideshow below.

If you would like to compliment Southern Supply and Southern Materials for a job well done, please post on Facebook and/or Twitter using the hashtag #HBAHomePros. Don’t forget to open your new directory to page 5 and play our game of HBA TAG. Some members are all ready playing and have scratched the backs of other members. Thank you Rock Solid Renovation for scratching the first back on HBA TAG.*

Stop by the HBA office or Southern Supply/Southern Materials to pick up your copy (HBA Members Only). When you do, we would like to take a photo of you with your directory and post it on our social media.

Thank you Southern Supply and Southern Materials for an an event that has set the standard for future Networking Events.


*Heavy machinery and power tools, like Back Hoes and Belt Sanders, are not HBA approved methods for scratching backs. The cover of the new directory is intended to be comical and not to be taken literally.

Look for the Fast Forward Version on Facebook #HBAHomePros