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Don't miss the HBA Home &
Outdoor Living Show
April 12 - 14, 2024
Wilson Logistics Arena
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds
Springfield, MO

Night Stands with Flip Top Electrical Compartments

From night stands that offer flip top electrical compartments to infrared SmartEye in media consoles;  technology has sure inspired the interior design industry and playing a huge role in the overall style and function of products for the trendiest of homes.

Below are some tech-savvy products provided through a few of Decorating Den Interiors suppliers.


Decorating Den night stand for electronics

Decorating Den night stand electronics bay

The above side table offers an electrical compartment to plug in a lamp or phone charge and also a floor night light.

Decorating Den Furniture

The media console above offers an infrared SmartEye that control all of the components tucked away below. Doors do not need to be open for equipment to read the remote.

The Shivers’ Design Team of Decorating Den Interiors in Springfield, MO (, received multiple awards at their company’s 49th annual conference held recently in Orlando.
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From concept to completion we can do it all!

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