NEW! Home Show Setup & Dock Reservations

Home Show Setup 100 Hall

Please read about the new Tiered Plan below before reserving your dock time.

The 2021 Home Show is quickly approaching!

Our goal this year is to get vendors into the building and setup in the most efficient way possible. In order to make this happen, we will be executing a “Tiered” plan for setup and reserving dock space. The main objective is to get all large displays unloaded into the building before the next tier arrives. Your booth does not need to be set up during your tier, only unloaded. 

We will be using SignUpGenius to reserve dock and setup times, but there are a few guidelines we are implementing in regards to signing up for a time:

If your reserved booth is in the 100 Hall of the Expo Center, you will be receiving an email with instructions and information on your designated tier. For example, if you have a booth larger than a 10x10 and are on the outer edges of the 100 Hall (near the lobby), you will most likely be either in Tier 1 or Tier 2, meaning your preferred setup time will be on either Monday or Tuesday. 

We understand that your tier assignment may not fall in line with your setup plans, so if you are unavailable on the date that we are suggesting, please contact us to work out another setup time for you. Additionally, please be mindful that if you do not reserve a dock time or show up unannounced, other vendors who reserved time will take priority. In this case, we will also be unable to guarantee when you will be able to use a dock or drive in the building.

Below is a template of the email you will be receiving when we are ready to schedule your setup time:

If you are receiving this email, you are  Tier __ for Home Show Setup. We would like for you to sign up for your dock space time using the link to SignUp Genius (link provided in email). It is very easy to use. If you are unavailable on this date or cannot sign up during your tier, please call the HBA office so that we can help find the best solution.

Tier 1 - Monday (5/3)PM
Tier 2 - Tuesday(5/4) AM

Tier 3 - Tuesday(5/4) PM

Tier 4 - Wednesday(5/5) AM 

Sign up times are in 30 minute increments, if you believe that you will need more than 30 minutes at the dock, please sign up for two time slots together. 

The drive-in ramp will be open, but it is very important that you use the ramp during your designated tier time.  This will help keep the area less congested and will alleviate vendors not being able to get to their booths. Please call the HBA office if you have a special circumstance.

*Remember*  There is no parking on the drive in ramp.  Thank you!

Please keep in mind that this tiered system is being implemented to ensure all vendors have the time and resources needed to set up as quickly and easily as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding setup, reach out to the HBA Office at 417-881-3711, or send an email to events@hbaspringfield.com