COVID-19 Info - Stay at Home Order - Construction

Due to COVID-19 the HBA of Greater Springfield is investigating what Kid Pro Zone activities will be safe for the 2021 HBA Home Show. We are confident that the Kid Pro Zone will have fun activities and that sanitization will be a #1 priority. Kid Pro Zone activities will be reduced and time limits in the area will be enforced in order to allow all children to have time to participate. Thank you for your patiences and understanding.

Young guests at the HBA Home Show will be sure to enjoy the Kid Pro Zone. This area is a combination of fun and workforce development where kids can build towers, design structures, connect pipes and win prizes. All kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the Kid Pro Zone. The Kid Pro Zone does not include adult supervision. Kids 12 and under receive FREE attendance at the HBA Home Show!

This ZONE will include the following:

– 1 –


Kids will have fun connecting the correct pvc piping on the Pipeline Wall. Once completed they will drop a ball in the pipe and watch it come out the other side. Competitions are planned where kids (or teams) can see who gets their pipe fastened the fastest and drop the ball in the pipe and out the other side into the bucket (one parents per team allowed for kids 10 and under).

Sponsored by Wildman Plumbing & Ozarks Fence

– 2 –


Race your tape measures down a drag strip and see if you can pick the winner. This station might be located in a booth and not in the Kid Pro Zone in order to spread out the fun and keep kids more separated this year.

Sponsored by your Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield

– 3 –


Your little tikes will have fun picking up balls with a simulated hand-powered backhoe. Move the balls from one area to the next like picking up dirt and dropping into a dump truck.

Sponsored by Southern Supply & Five Star Painting

– 4 –

BUILDING BLOCK BATTLES (Unlikely for 2021 Home Show Due to COVID-19)

Here there will be two types of competitions. First, kids will see how high they can build a structure in 1 minute without it falling. Second, they will have 2 minutes to build their best looking design.

Sponsored by Cabinet Concepts by Design & Dyke Lumber & Millwork


– 5 –

BUILD A BLOCK FORT (Unlikely for 2021 Home Show Due to COVID-19)

Use large wooden blocks to build your best fort. The idea is to teach kids how to use materials wisely to make a structurally sound fort while also making it usable and, if possible, aesthetically pleasing. You can also use the blocks to play giant jenga.

Sponsored by Steward Construction

– 6 –

CHALK DOOR (Unlikely for 2021 Home Show Due to COVID-19)

For those not wired for building and constructing - there will be doors painted with chalkboard paint for kids to draw whatever their creative minds desire. There will be plenty of chalk colors available and maybe even some design specialist to provide guidance on Saturday.

Sponsored by Southern Supply & Five Star Painting



Southern Supply & Debi Murray - The Office of Patrick Murney - Thank you prize sponsors for providing the prizes! Without you – the kids would walk away empty handed.

If you have questions about the Kid Pro Zone, or would like to volunteer to help, please contact the HBA at 881-3711 or email the event coordinator.

All kids must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in the Kid Pro Zone.

Kid Pro Zone Prize Sponsor
Kid Pro Zone Prize Sponsor
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