Message from NAHB: Builders for Obama; Builders for Romney E-Communication

The National Association of Home Builders leadership would like to take this opportunity to answer some of the questions that have been raised by concerned members regarding email communications that many of you received from the respective chairmen of the “Builders for Romney” effort on April 4 and of the “Builders for Obama” effort on May 3.

Following is the message from NAHB leadership to all HBA members:

First and foremost, we wanted to reaffirm to you that NAHB does not endorse or support any candidate for President of the United States. That said, it is essential for our membership to be politically engaged and educated about the candidates in this election season, and that was the impetus behind the “Builders for” program. This program allows the designated chairman of a member group supporting a given presidential candidate to send an informational email to fellow members about that candidate.

In mid-March, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard sent an all-member email to you explaining the “Builders for” program. As that communication assured you, NAHB will not release any member email address to any person or outside group for any reason. Instead, this information is protected by NAHB sending the initial outreach emails on behalf of each “Builders for” organization chairman (two are allowed from each source), and any member who wishes further communication from a particular effort can opt-in to receive it.

Again, no NAHB member’s email address has been shared with either a candidate’s campaign or “Builders for” organization. Official NAHB policy is very clear on this matter.

Finally, members who do not wish to receive further communication from a particular “Builders for” effort can “opt-out” of such emails by clicking on the “opt-out” link contained in the initial email.

Hopefully, this information clarifies why you received a political communication on behalf of a “Builders for” chairman in recent days. If you have further concerns or comments, please feel free to communicate them to us at