May 2016 HBA Membership Event – Directory and Advocacy

Thank you to everyone that attended the HBA membership event this month! Everyone walked away with a brand-new HBA Membership Directory and a better understanding of what advocacy is and why it matters to everyone!

A special thank you to Representative Kevin Austin and Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Cirtin for helping with our activities. And a very special thank you to Senator Jay Wasson for all of his help this year in getting the sunset removed from the mandatory option sprinkler law, as well as running the very popular blackjack table!

I know everyone is tired of hearing the same message, but advocacy is important and it affects you and your business. The Coalition for Building a Better Tomorrow (CBBT) was created to help protect the construction industry. We don’t declare victory every day and sometimes it takes years to declare victory, but the CBBT continues to be victorious. The mandatory option sprinkler law has been a particularly long road. Over the course of eight years, the CBBT was instrumental in creating the mandatory option for sprinklers in single family residences, extending the sunset on the mandatory option and just this year, getting legislation passed that eliminated the sunset on the mandatory option. We’re just waiting for the governor to sign the legislation.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the games – we raised $ 52.25 for the CBBT.  Remember – this money was raised $.25 at a time. The size of your donation does not matter – it’s the fact that you donated!

Drawing a house blindfolded is like building a house without quality building codes (see fun blindfold drawings and facts below or watch video).

Winners at the HBA membership event were:
·         Drawing a House Blindfolded:  Amber Schnake (FamilySAFE)
·         Sporting Clays Shoot Out: Randy Friga (Friga Construction Co. Inc.)
·         Game On Your HBA: Mike Benna (Meek’s Design Center)
·         HBA Trivia: Travis Miller (Travis Miller Homes, Inc)
·         GRAND PRIZE WINNER – Ransom McQuary (Accent Curbz Decorative Concrete)

Of course, the evening wouldn’t have happened without our sponsors – Southern Materials Co and Southern Supply Co. Thank you so much for everything that you do for the HBA and for the construction industry!