KY3 Call an Expert Home Builder – January 27

Ashley Reynolds at KY3 continues to generously provide the HBA with a excellent venue for our HBA Members to connect with KY3 viewers through their “Call an Expert” program. Because the HBA Home Show starts January 30th it is fitting that we will have HBA Builders on the phones and on the TV as our HBA Home Pros for this quarter.

We still have a few spots available to fill! If you’re an HBA Builder Member, and would like to play as one on TV, contact Charlyce Ruth or Aaron Wahlquist at 417.881.3711.

Just in case you are wondering, it is easier than one might think to answer the phones. You will simply be answering questions on the phone. You will NOT have a microphone shoved in your face or be asked difficult questions on live TV. It is a lot of fun to see HBA Members working as a team to answer question and you never know, someone might want to schedule an appointment to discuss building their home. Several remodelers scheduled meetings during the last Call an Expert.

This is a great opportunity to promote your business, the HBA Home Show and HBA Home Professionals!