Keyword Check – Do you want to be found with these Keywords?

Believe it or not we have a lot of people calling the HBA office asking for guidance on selecting a member that can meet their needs. We continually point them to where they can search for quality insured home professional of the HBA.

Although the HBA Home Pros membership search is a quality tool, we often receive calls where the keywords yield little or no results. Our search engine can only be as good as the database and this is where we need your help… in order to help you be found.

When calls are received we conduct an internal keyword search. If there are no results, these keywords are now being logged in a spreadsheet and will eventually published right here and only here in this HBA Housing e-News.

Keywords are words in addition to the “categories” that members select when joining the HBA. These categories are visible under your listing at The Keywords being discussed here are not visible to the visitor conducting the search, but if they type in the keyword you will appear in the list of members that fit the particular need.

If you are interested in adding keywords to your listing please continue to check here in the HBA Housing e-News. All HBAGS members are given 15 characters (letters) to apply toward keywords and all keywords must fit your business. The average English word contains 5 characters. This means you can add approximately 3 keywords. For more information about Earning Additional Keywords – Click Here!

In the case that this article creates an influx of members requesting keywords, it could take some time to investigate and add keywords to your listing. Please be patient.

Below are a list of Keywords that have recently turned up empty on HBA Home Pros:

  • Asbestos
  • Porches
  • Decking

If you would like to claim any of these words please email