Is it Time to Support Local Licensing?

Getting builder member input regarding that question will be the focus of an upcoming HBA Builder/Remodeler Breakfast on Friday, December 2 at 7:30 am at The Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell in Springfield. As the HBA Government Affairs committee has worked to strengthen consistent enforcement of Missouri’s existing workers’ compensation coverage law related to construction, one potential strategy that has emerged is more formally supporting a form of business/contractor licensing at the local level to ensure legal compliance and a level playing field for all competitors.

“There are a number of HBAs in the state with members working in jurisdictions that require some form of local business and/or contractor’s licensing,” said HBA CEO Matt Morrow. “Joplin is one recently visible example of a city that issues a contractor’s license with basic professional requirements. Builder members and remodeler members of the HBA of Greater Springfield will have an opportunity to hear what their peers are saying about various licensing requirements in other areas. We have assembled several different actual models of licensing to review which should also stimulate discussion – from those that require a business license to pull a permit, to those that require a certification test and continuing education. Most importantly, the HBA board wants to receive direction and feedback from HBA members on this significant industry issue.”

This is your opportunity to weigh in and voice your opinions to HBA leadership regarding this current policy consideration. Builder and remodeler members are invited to the complimentary breakfast and discussion.

Please help us get an accurate head count for breakfast by letting us know you plan to attend – call the office at 881-3711 or email