House Plans – Getting Them Right

HBA Remodeling Show 2018 Presentation

Houses are more complicated than a few years ago. (But they are also more livable if they are done right). Technology has changed how we build houses. Today it is easier than ever to have a home that meets your individual needs.

It’s all in the planning.  A beautiful home is not an accident – it takes a team to get it right. Years ago, a few lines on paper and you had a house. To build the perfect house today, you will find a long list of requirements.Your needs and dreams must be a blend of cost, codes, and site restrictions.  Along with your desires such as size, energy efficiency, and style.  This “balance design” is then carried out by contractors. They need accurate plans that execute your ideas to get it right.

Presentation at the 2018 HBA Home Remodeling Show – Springfield EXPO Center

  • Friday, Sept 7 – 3:30pm
  • Saturday, Sept 8 – 2:30pm

With the information explosion, good ideas are easy to find. But keeping the project in budget and still get what you want demands a comprehensive design process. An experienced design team can help you accomplish this.

Everything influences everything in the design process. That’s what we do at B and G Drafting. Our job is to help you control all the many factors that go into your “dream” home. Some of these things you know about and other things involved in construction are behind the scenes.  We have done it thousands of times, and our many years of professional experience will help you develop the perfect plan.

Presented by B & G Drafting at the HBA Home Remodeling Show – Springfield Expo Center – 635 E St Louis St, Springfield, MO