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Home Show Health and Compliance

For everyone’s health and safety, the HBA and Springfield EXPO Center intend to fully comply with city regulations on the Road to Recovery plan that will be in place during the event.

Under current city of Springfield guidelines, the EXPO Center occupancy is 1,684 people which will allow for good social distancing while also providing plenty of visitors for the vendors. Springfield Greene-County Health Department Guidance for Gatherings recommends monitoring occupancy, as well as additional safety measures. Because COVID-19 creates new challenges for this show, please understand that health and compliance measures could be updated as we move closer to the show dates to protect visitors and vendors. We will post updates on the Home Show page (HBAHomeShows.com).

With cooperation from vendors and visitors, this will be a successful event for everyone. Please prepare to mask up and visit our multiple sanitization stations throughout the venue.

VENDORS: Continue to monitor the "Vendor Info" page for updates.

Refund Deadline Extension

The HBA Board of Directors voted to extend the Refund Deadline, for those reserving booth space, from November 17th to November 30th. This will allow vendors additional time to consider participation in the Home Show. With the knowledge that the HBA will be doing everything possible to make this a safe event we anticipate vendors to be eager for a great and safe show.

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View Available Booth Space

If you are interested in booth space, please check to see what is available using our NEW LIVE MAPS. These maps are updated as soon as an application is finalized. Because reservations are flowing in we recommend securing your space as soon as possible.

HBA Home Show 2021
The 2021 Home Show photos will be a little different with masks and social distancing, but we will still have the same amount of fun we had last year.