Fire Safety – 600 Smoke Alarms Donated to Area Fire Departments

The HBA of Greater Springfield in recognition of Fire Prevention Week partnered with Meek’s – the Builder’s Choice, Metro Appliances & More, and the HBA Charitable Foundation to supply five area departments with a total of 600 Dual Ionization Smoke Alarms with batteries.

In a special ceremony on Wednesday, September 30th, with a fire truck as a back drop, representatives from Springfield, Logan-Rogersville, Ozark, Nixa and Republic Fire Departments were present, at the offices of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield, to receive donated smoke alarms for their respective communities. Springfield Mayor Bob Stephens was in attendance at the ceremony, as well as members of the HBA Board of Directors, HBA Charitable Foundation Board and representatives from Meek’s – the Builder’s Choice, and Metro Appliances & More.


The HBA Board of Directors and its partners proactively support promoting the effectiveness of working smoke alarms in our community outreach program “Home Builders for Fire Safety Initiative” to save lives.  The smoke alarm donations were made prior to Fire Prevention Week (October 4 – 10) to make sure the week is a success for area fire departments. These 600 smoke alarms represent the potential to protect and save more than 1,500 of our friends and neighbors in Springfield and surrounding communities.

It is important to make sure that older homes, built before smoke alarms were required by code, have working smoke alarms.  Older homes are where the vast majority of residential fire deaths still occur, and they are where our attention should be focused to save lives.  Working smoke alarms are proven life-savers.  They are the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective method to prevent fire deaths and loss of property.

This donation was a 100% private-sector initiative (no tax dollars were utilized for this donation).  HBA members Meek’s – the Builder’s Choice, Metro Appliances & More, and the HBA Charitable Foundation partnered with the HBA to purchase these smoke alarms and batteries and are proud to work with the Springfield, Logan-Rogersville, Ozark, Nixa and Republic Fire Departments in this effort for our communities.

Thank you to all of those who participated in this event (seen left to right in the above photo) and a special thank you to Mike Benna, with Meek’s – The Builder’s Choice, for coordinating this event.

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Those in Attendance for this Event

 HBA Members and Staff:
Jason Bekebrede – Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling
Ed Alden – Stenger Homes, LLC
Adrian Rhoads – Rhoads Design & Construction
Michelle Romero – Quality Masonry, LLC
Brett Godfrey – Built By Brett
Debbie Speake – Springfield Electric, LLC
Travis Miller – Travis Miller Homes, LLC
Sarah Watson – Hometown Disposal Inc
John Marion – John Marion Custom Homes, LLC
Crystal Shotts – Meek’s Design Center
Mike Meek – Meek’s – The Builder’s Choice
Randy Friga – Friga Construction Co. Inc.
Brently Howell – Metro Appliance & More
Judy Bilyeu – Metro Appliances & More
Charlyce Ruth – Home Builders Association of Creater Springfield CEO
Matt Bailey – Bailey Company
Mike Benna – Meek’s Design Center

Fire Protection Officials:
City of Springfield Firefighter R.J. Bowling
Chief Kevin Trogdon
Captain Kelly Cardin
Rescue Specialist Gerry Koeneman
Assistant Chief Randy Villines – City of Springfield Fire Department
Firefighter and Chaplin – Kevin Lovland – Logan-Rogersville Fire Protection District
Assistant Chief Bill Arington – Ozark Fire Protection District
Assistant Chief Whitney Weaver – Nixa Fire Protection District
Chief Duane Compton – City of Republic Fire Department

Public Officials:
Bob Stephens – Springfield Mayor
Rick Gardner – Ozark Mayor
Brian Bingle – Nixa City Administrator
Gail Noggle – Republic Planning and Development Director
Ken McClure – Springfield Mayor Pro-Tem

“These smoke alarms are the best tool we have to save lives,” stated Firefighter and Chaplin – Kevin Lovland.  Let’s do what we can to provide more smoke alarms in 2016 and potentially save even more lives. “Working smoke alarms save lives.”

If you know of anyone in need of a smoke alarm, have them contact their local fire department. Supplies are limited and please only contact if truly in need.



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