HBAM Prep Meeting – Tax Credit Discussion

We are setting up a meeting, TUESDAY, JULY 17 AT 3 PM AT HBA OFFICE, to discuss St. Louis’ proposal re: a tax credit for new home purchasers to be considered by legislature in 2013 . We need to meet in advance of our HBA of Missouri meeting on July 25 when we will discuss this issue in terms of supporting it. (Matt Morrow is unable to attend that meeting so we also need to make sure we have several representatives in attendance in Jeff City). Reception to the tax credit proposal from our legislative advocacy committee was lukewarm at best originally. Sam Bradley has suggested refining the proposal to provide tax credits for new homes which are NAHB green certified. This would offer a number of advantages to HBA members and probably solicit more support from additional lobbying groups because of the “green” requirement. It also means that an area which has sitting new inventory would not be at a greater advantage for utilizing the credit quickly than another area w/o such inventory. The Legislative Advocacy committee is not scheduled to meet until after the HBAM meeting so we need guidance from this smaller group to guide the HBAM discussion and then we can take the more evolved proposal (hopefully w/ the green certification requirement) to our LAC on July 31.