HBAGS Membership Requirements

What are the requirements for a company to become a member of the HBA of Greater Springfield and how does the process work?

Companies that would like to apply for membership must submit the following information:

  • A completed HBA of Greater Springfield Membership Application, which includes the signature of a sponsor (a company that is already an HBA member)
  • Payment of Annual Dues
  • Payment of the Application Fee
  • Certificate of Insurance for Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance
  • Better Business Bureau Rating of “B” or Higher OR an Acceptable Dun and Bradstreet Rating OR an Acceptable Rating by Another Nationally Recognized Rating Entity that is Acceptable to the HBA Board of Directors

Once all of the above information and paperwork has been received, the current HBA membership must be notified of their application. We currently fulfill this requirement by publishing all prospective members as part of the “New and Renewing Members” section of the e-Newsletter (HBA Housing e-News) published in the second half of the month.

Following is an example of how this information is presented:
Company Name
Contact Name
City, State, Zip
Phone Number
Type of Member (Builder or Associate): Short recap of type of business.

Current HBA members then have the opportunity to notify the HBA Board (in writing) of any reason this company’s application for membership should not be accepted. Any objections must be received (in writing) by the HBA office no later than 9am on the second Tuesday of the month so they can be presented to the Board of Directors at the meeting scheduled on that date.

Once a membership has been approved, it will be printed in the next HBA Housing e-News. If for some reason the application is rejected, it will not be published in the next HBA Housing e-News.