HBA of Greater Springfield Receives Four National Association Excellence Awards

HBA Receives Four Association Excellence Awards

NAPLES, FLORIDA — The Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield this week was honored with four national awards for association excellence. The 2010 Association Excellence Awards were presented in Naples, Florida as a part of the National Association of Home Builders’ annual Executive Officers Council Seminar.

Annually, the Association Excellence Awards recognize – in a wide range of categories – outstanding work by HBAs of varying sizes from across the country. By receiving top honors in four categories, the HBA of Greater Springfield again was among the most decorated Home Builders Associations in the country.

“Of course, receiving national recognition for our association’s work is gratifying and humbling,” HBA CEO Matt Morrow said. “But it also serves to underscore what most of us already suspected: we live and work someplace special. The members of the HBA of Greater Springfield are remarkable people who do remarkable things, as if they were routine. Our HBA staff is hardworking and committed to serving those remarkable members at the highest possible level. And those who make up our volunteer leadership (board of directors, committees, councils, etc.) are people of extraordinary vision, purpose, and resolve. They are leaders who – even amid the unprecedented challenges facing our industry – consistently insist on excellence in everything they touch.”

Association Excellence Awards presented this week to the HBA of Greater Springfield include:

Best Website: SpringfieldHBA.com



SpringfieldHBA.com offers a fully integrated and syndicated web experience for HBA members and consumers, featuring:

  • enhanced “FIND-A-PRO” search functionality;
  • ical import and google maps integration within association calendar;
  • web-enabled publication versions;
  • social media badges and widgets;
  • searchable archives;
  • and much, much more!

Best Print Publication: HBA Housing News Quarterly

When advertising revenues and engagement through the HBA’s traditional monthly newsletter declined, the HBA of Greater Springfield retired the publication in favor of launching two new publications: a weekly e-newsletter, and Housing News Quarterly printed mailer. The quarterly mailer’s colorful, streamlined format features event photos, industry news, data & analysis.

Best Service Delivered to Members: MARKETGRAPHICS Research Data & Analysis

Providing meaningful housing and construction data, analysis, and forecasts is always difficult. It is especially challenging in an environment where no central clearinghouse for such data exists. By partnering with MarketGraphics Research Group, the HBA of Greater Springfield provides its members with unprecedented access to these tools – giving them a clear advantage over their competition in today’s complex housing market.

Best Home or Industry Trade Show: 2010 HBA Home Remodeling Expo

Amid difficult economic times for the residential construction industry, the HBA made adjustments in format and marketing strategy for its annual Home Remodeling Expo.

The results were stronger vendor participation and evaluations, and the show’s largest consumer attendance since 2007. The HBA’s 2011 Home Remodeling Expo is scheduled for October 14-16, and limited vendor space is still available.



  1. mikebenna on August 23, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Matt & HBA staff,
    Congratulations on another great year at the NAHB Executive Officers Council.
    Year after year our local Home Builders Association brings back a number of awards.
    So much so, that bringing back a large number of awards has become routine!
    Thank you so much for your leadership. I am very proud to be a member of the Greater Sprinfield Home Builders Association.
    Mike Benna

    • brettgodfrey on August 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm

      I totally agree with the well deserved compliments to the staffs hard work as well as Matt M,s leadership.
      You touched on an interesting theme “large number of awards has become routine!”. I would challenge the membership to never let such awards become routine. One of humanities flaws appears to be complacency. We can certainly see the effects of that in the affairs of the United States. I digress. The Association must always remember that these awards are the culmination of years of hard work and stewardship and most certainly from our first Strategic Plan.
      Mike, please don’t take my statement incorrectly. I know how you meant it and I totally agree!
      Brett Godfrey

  2. Matt Morrow on September 13, 2011 at 9:09 am

    Guys, I’m so thankful for the leadership and encouragement both of you (along with the rest of our “volunteer” leadership) so consistently provide. I have the opportunity to meet with my counterparts from all across the country (nearly 800 home builders associations). When I hear the descriptions of the challenges presented by bad leadership (either weak to lead or micromanaging tasks), competing agendas and/or narrow personal distractions at the board table… well, it reminds me how thankful I am to work with such an outstanding board. That is the BIG reason for our consistent, year-in year-out recognition: great leadership that starts at our board and flows down through the rest of us. Thank you!