HBA Membership Marketing Resources 2017

New HBA Member Opportunities Release August 19, 2017!

Your 2017 HBA Membership Marketing Resources, with many refinements from 2016 to better target your needs, is ready for you to review. In addition to better opportunities, we've added hyperlinks on the table of contents page so you can click back and forth to pages making navigation easier (use the HBA logo in the top left to return to the contents page).

The most updated copy will always be in Dropbox, but it is recommended that you download the pdf file or at the very least, open in Adobe Acrobat or Preview from within Dropbox (upper right "Open"). Hyperlinks do not work when viewing from within Dropbox.

Attached is the most recent copy (up-to-date as of August 19th)

PDF Dropbox Link - click here (always up-to-date) - HBAGS.info/hba2017marketing

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to go over this information, please email Aaron@HBASpringfield.com or call 881.3711.

View PDF in Browser Here - Not Dropbox and not frequently updated
(updated as of Aug, 25, 2016)