HBA Member Tracked Stolen Equipment using GPS – 3 Arrested

KY3 recently reported (October 10, 2017) that an HBA Member Tracked Stolen Equipment. KY3 says, "Three thieves are behind bars for stealing expensive equipment off construction sites in Springfield. This-- after a home builder started helping police... help him.

Springfield police worked 20-thousand property crime cases last year. Many of them are from construction sites, where equipment seems to disappear when no one is around. Most of these cases are very difficult to solve. So builder Jake Crutcher got fed up with the loss of his livelihood, and decided to take matters into his own hands. Crutcher was able to help recover tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. He invested in GPS tracking devices..."

HBA Member - Crutcher Custom Homes

Click here for the full story on KY3.com.

KY3 - HBA Member Tracked Stolen Equipment