HBA Magazine Ad & Bundle Deadlines – November 30

If you were in the HBA Event Magazine in 2017 and would like to hold your placement in 2018, please email Aaron Wahlquist or call 881.3711 ASAP. The deadline to hold the prime locations is November 16th.

Brief Overview:
The HBA Event Magazine has a strong niche and great shelf life based on recent research conducted by ADSmith Communications. It was found that those who attend HBA Home Show typically hold on to the HBA Event Magazine for a least a year.

Your advertisement will appear in all three publications and in digital form at a single price point. This means you can be connected to the Home Show, Parade of Homes and Remodeling Show when you advertise in this publication. Have your 1/3 page ad in all three publications for only $675 ($641 if paid by December 31, 2017) or a full page in all three publications for $1,359 ($1,291 after early pay discount). You can’t find a more targeted and cost effective place to be.

Important Info Below:

  • Click here for ad rates and information
  • Prime Ad Space “Hold my Spot” deadline – November 16th
  • Deadline for all other ad space – November 30th
  • Deadline for ad materials – December 5th
  • Early payment 5% discount – December 31st

If you would like a bundle proposal, time is running out. Bundle proposal requests ends tomorrow (5pm – Nov 20th). Otherwise you will need to tell us exactly what you would like in your bundle before November 30th.

See our Marketing Resources guide for all HBA Marketing and Sponsorship opportunities¬†containing bundle packages. If you don’t know where to start, try filling out our short and simple survey to narrow down your interests¬†before November 21st.