Habitat Outdoor Makeover – 2015 – Your Backyard Made an Oasis Escape

Picture your backyard as an oasis escape! Your dream can become a reality if you win the $10,000 custom Outdoor Makeover.

All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, MO.

Outdoor-Makeover-2015A building professional will work directly with the winner of the Habitat for Humanity Outdoor Makeover to make a custom design that will complement the homeowners’ style. You will receive assistance with selecting the finishing touches that are provided by our 2015 Outdoor Makeover partners.

Habitat for Humanity’s Outdoor Makeover partners have provided more than $11,500 in product and materials to make your backyard oasis a reality! Imagine using $3,000 worth of lumber, $2,800 of outdoor lighting, $500 of lawn maintenance, plus $5,200 of other upgrades!

To learn more about the $10,000 Outdoor Makeover, including prize rules, please click HERE.

Tickets for the $10,000 Outdoor Makeover can be purchased for $20 at Maschino’s, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, or on the Habitat for Humanity of Springfield’s website. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, MO.

To order $20 tickets online, please click HERE.

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