Greene County Building Regulations

Position Title: Building Inspector II

Department: Building Regulations

Reports to: Chief Building Official

Grade: 12

Date Revised: October 2019

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Contact: Janice Cardwell

Purpose of Position

The purpose of this position is to perform on-site inspections of one and two family dwellings, commercial, and other building construction for building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical code compliance, under the supervision of the Chief Building Official for Greene County.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all- inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned.

  • Conducts inspections for commercial, residential, and accessory structures during various stages of construction to ensure construction and components are in compliance with applicable codes, regulations, and approved plans for new or remodel construction.
  • Investigates and issue notices to correct the violations of alleged code, life, health, and safety regulations for dangerous structures and public complaints.
  • Consults with contractors, craft workers, and property owners in interpreting codes, compliance procedures, and other requirements.
  • Approves or disapproves construction site based on inspection and documented recommendations.
  • Maintains knowledge of building trends, methods, and materials use; and applicable codes, ordinances, and regulations.

Additional Tasks and Responsibilities

While the following tasks are necessary for the work of the unit, they are not an essential part of the purpose of this position and may also be performed by other unit members.

  • Schedules inspections.
  • Investigates storm and fire damage to new and existing buildings.
  • Investigates new construction performed without proper authorization.
  • Reviews status of complaints and permits.

Minimum Training and Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

Vocational/technical training in building trades or construction management, three years building construction experience, or any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills, and abilities. Valid motor vehicle operator’s license and ICC certification required.

Physical and Mental Abilities Required to Perform Essential Job Functions

Language Ability and Interpersonal Communication

  • Ability to analyze data and information using established criteria in order to determine consequences and to identify and select alternatives. Ability to compare, count, differentiate, measure and/or sort, as well as assemble, copy, record, and transcribe data and information. Ability to classify, compute, tabulate, and categorize data.
  • Ability to persuade, convince, and/or train others, including the ability to act in a lead worker capacity. Ability to advise and interpret how to apply policies, procedures, and standards to specific situations.
  • Ability to utilize a variety of advisory and design data and information such as building codes, blueprints, architectural drawings, schematics, site plans, soil tests, technical studies, permit information, policies, engineering manuals, zoning maps, construction manuals, code manuals, and non-routine correspondence.
  • Ability to communicate with personnel, architects, engineers, contractors, other departments or sections, and the general public verbally; use of technical knowledge or in written form.
  • Mathematical Ability
  • Ability to calculate percentages, fractions, decimals, volumes, ratios, present values, and spatial relationships. Ability to interpret basic descriptive statistical reports.
  • Judgment and Situational Reasoning Ability
  • Ability to use functional reasoning in performing influence functions such as leading, teaching, and persuading.
  • Ability to exercise the judgment, decisiveness, and creativity required in situations involving the evaluation of information against sensory and/or judgmental criteria.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to operate, maneuver and/or steer equipment and machinery requiring simple but continuous adjustments, such as volt meter, circuit tester, transit, draft gauge, carbon monoxide indicator, computer terminal, calculator, and motor vehicle.
  • Ability to coordinate eyes, hands, feet, and limbs in performing slightly-skilled movements such as cutting, painting, and drilling.
  • Ability to exert very moderate physical effort in sedentary to light work, typically involving some combination of stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching over head, lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to recognize and identify degrees of similarities or differences between characteristics of colors, forms, sounds, odors, and textures associated with job-related objects, materials, and tasks.
  • While performing the duties of this position, the employee is regularly required to walk, stand, use hands and fingers to handle or feel, use sight, talk, smell, and hear.

Environmental Adaptability

Ability to work under moderately safe and comfortable conditions where exposure to irate individuals, construction site hazards and environmental factors such as odors, toxic agents, noise, machinery, and/or electrical current may cause some discomfort and where there is a risk of injury.

Condition of Employment

Employee will be required to demonstrate continued knowledge of this position’s current regulations and requirements. Sustained satisfactory performance is required. Employee must meet the requirements of the full job description as stated throughout the duration of employment with Greene County. All employees are required to follow safety standards and wear all personal protective equipment in designated areas.


Greene County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), the County will provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities and encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations with the employer.

Job Posting- Greene County Building Regulations Department