Garages in New Homes – 2017 Data

There is clear uniformity for parking options in new homes completed across the Census divisions. Except for West North Central division, the 2-car garage was the largest share of the completed homes in all other divisions. In the West North Central division, 3 or more car garages were associated with 47.7% of all completed homes, while 2-car garages were the second largest share at 44.2%. The South Atlantic division had the highest share of 2-car garages with 72.3%. One-car garages were most popular in the Middle Atlantic division, while “other” which includes carport, off-street parking, and other parking facilities was the largest share in New England.

For new single-family completions in 2017, 65% of homes offered a two-car garage. Another 20% of homes possessed a garage large enough to hold three or more cars. Just 6% of newly-built homes had a one-car garage, and only 1% possessed a carport. Another 7% of new homes had no garage or carport.


2017 data indicates that as the size of the completed home increases, the share of 1-car garage or other declines. “Other” includes carport, off-street parking (including a driveway with no garage or carport), and other parking facilities. At the same time, the share of completed homes with 2 or more garages increased as the square footage of the house increased.

As shown in the figure below, the smaller the size of the house, the larger the share of 1-car or other parking facilities. The “other” category is the largest share of homes with less than 1,200 square feet at 51.6%, but as the square footage of the home increases, the share of homes with “other” parking options, declines to 2.2% in homes larger than 5,000 square feet. The percentage of completed homes with a 1-car garage is at 27.9% for homes smaller than 1,200 square feet, the highest share in its category. The proportion of completed homes with a 1-car garage is the lowest at 1.4% for homes larger than 5,000 square feet.

As the house size increases, 2-car garages become the largest share of parking options. The share of 2-car garages are at 71.5% for completed homes between 1,600-1,999 square feet and it increases to 75.9% for homes between 2,000-2,399 square feet. However, for homes between 2,400-2,999 square feet, the share of 2-car garages drops to 72.6% and continues to declines as the home size increase from there. Three-car garages are only 4.4% of the homes less than 1,200 square feet but continues to increase as the square footage of the completed home increases. For completed homes larger than 5,000 square feet, 3-cars or more parking option becomes the most likely setup, at 68.2%.

Provided by the NAHB - Eye on Housing