Fall Fishing 2013 Recap with Photos

HBA-Fishing-IconAfter hours debating in the fisherman court room and what seemed like days looking over official rules and regulations it, was determined that there will be a new rule added for future HBA Fishing Tournaments. Dead Fish DO NOT Count! Luckily the dead fish in question this year did not have an impact on the competition, but next year it will be in the rules.

Thank you to all anglers for making this a successful event once again! Be sure to look for more photos in the next HBA Housing e-News. Below are the Fishing Tournament Winners:

1st Place – Shawn DeBow & Terry Bradley – 19.76 pounds
2nd Place – Kevin Clingan & Kevin Brown – 14.32 pounds
3rd Place – Randy Baker & Mike Patrick – 13.06 pounds
4th Place – Steve Sherrill & Jim Cowherd – 11.40 pounds
Big Bass – Kevin Clingan & Kevin Brown – 5.40 pounds



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