Eight Inexpensive Ways to Build a Better House – HBA Builder Education Session 2

Residential Construction Builder Education

This builder education series will cover eight inexpensive ways to build a better house according to Travis Miller, P.E. of Miller Engineering (View PDF)

Below the sill plate:

  • Soil Compaction
  • Crawlspaces - what is a vapor barrier and when do you need one?
  • Drainage away from the residence - finding the balance.
  • Concrete cracks are not a mystery - learn how to control them.
  • The #1 cause of call-backs from home owners can be prevented by spending less than $300

Above the sill plate:

  • Surprise! The joist span tables in the residential code are not correct.
  • How does an "open concept floor plan" affects the structure?
  • What is deflection? How much is too much? Why should you care?

Join us September 6, 2017 • 3:00pm • HBA Office

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