Downsizing Your Home – 10 Great Tips

10 Great Tips to Downsizing Your Home

Tip #1 - Start Small and Slow. Start with a room that is not used often, for example a spare bedroom. Get your feet wet and get a system set up on how to declutter, then work your way up to the larger rooms.

Tip #2 - Remove Unneeded Furniture. Do you absolutely must have? Ask your children if they want it, if not, hold a garage sale when you are all done or donate the furniture to charity.

Tip #3 - Give the Children Their Stuff. If you still have things that belong to your children, give it to them. If they don't want it, get rid of it.

Tip #4 - Donate Old Books & Magazines. Donate them to a senior center, nursing home or library. All of these places are always looking for books.

Tip #5 - Closets. Go through your closets and get rid of clothes that either don't fit anymore or you haven't worn in at least a year. Donate clothes to nursing homes or charity.

Tip #6 - Ask Children What They Would Like to Have. If you don't have the room in your new home, they will just end up in a box and no one will enjoy. At least this way you can still enjoy them through your children.

Tip #7 - Pictures. Divide the pictures among your children. Make sure they are marked on the back who they are and when the picture was taken. Keep plenty for your albums, but give duplicates and their baby pictures to your children. This will enable them to build their own albums of their childhood.

Tip #8 - Let Go of Sentimental Items. If you are still hanging onto your children's first clothes, bins full of school papers, art projects, report cards, etc., it's time to get rid of them.

Tip #9 - Kitchenware. Go through your kitchen and get rid of extra pots, pans, silverware, small appliances, bowls, etc you are no longer using.

Tip #10 - Storage/Garage. Look at tools, mowers, power tools or whatever else is stored in your garage and get rid of what you don't need in our new home. If you move into a condo or retirement village, chances are they provide all the yard maintenance.

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