Craig Fishel Elected to Zone Seat on City Council

Congratulations to our own HBA member Craig Fishel who was elected to the Zone 4 seat on City Council.

Fishel has owned and operated a small business, Fishel Pools, for nearly 40 years in the City. He is also the CBBT and Springfield Good Government Committee supported candidate. That coalition of business, in which the HBA participates, supports candidates that want to focus on attracting quality jobs, removing obstacles to business expansion and development, and investing in the infrastructure and public safety resources that enable Springfield to grow.

If you forget to congratulate Craig you will have your chance in July as Fishel Pools will be hosting the July HBA Networking Event at Fishel Pools. More information coming soon!

Note: Springfield City Councilwoman Jan Fisk is the Springfield Good Government supported who was elected to General A.