CORN MADNESS – Another Successful Competition!

The 2nd Annual HBA Corn Madness Tournament was a competitive success!  32 teams came well prepared to face the returning champions to see if they could be defeated.

Watch the video below to see who ended up taking home the prize!  

Thank you to FamilySAFE for sponsoring this wonderful event for the second year in a row!  Be on the look out for more Corn Madness fun next year!

And the winners are…

Corn Madness Winners Bracket

  • Champions – 1st Place – Team Meek’s Design Center (Mike Benna & Aaron Wahlquist)
  • 2nd Place – Team Midwest Block #1 (Sam Lock & Alex Kever)
  • 3rd Place – Team Monticello Custom Homes (Jason Bekebrede & Justin Skiles)
  • 4th Place – Team Midwest Block #2 (Klayton Labby & Buddy Dockum)

The Biggest Loser Bracket

  • Winner – Team Southern Materials (Will Squires & Joshua Wade)


  • 1st Place – Mitch Wilkins
  • 2nd Place – Aaron Wahlquist
  • 3rd Place – Jeff Robbins
  • 4th Place – Nathen Harris