Concrete/Foundation Laborer

Trendsetter Homes

Concrete/Foundation Laborer

Job Description

Assist with designing and building forms and walls, lifting rebar, pouring concrete, then spreading and smoothing it using trowels or other tools.

To be successful as a Concrete/Foundation Laborer, you should be eager and willing to learn.

Ideal Candidate Will Possess:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Be willing and able to learn.
  • The ability to perform strenuous tasks with your hands.
  • The ability to repeatedly kneel, bend and lift heavy materials, safely.
  • The ability to measure accurately.
  • The ability to read and follow specifications.
  • The ability to come to work on time, work a full-day, work overtime when necessary, and be properly prepared for all types of weather.

Field Operations

  1. Design and build forms.
  2. Set up forms.
  3. Pour concrete.
  4. Use wire mesh/rebar and/or other material to reinforce concrete.
  5. Spread and smooth concrete.
  6. Mold expansion joints and edges.
  7. Monitor the material to ensure it hardens to a durable finish.
  8. Contribute to a clean and safe job site:


This job description may be revised at any time to give us the competitive advantage to be successful.


Accountability: Foundation Lead/Superintendent/Production Manager

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