City of Republic Requires Proof of Sprinkler Offer

As area jurisdictions adopt the 2012 International Residential Codes, they must comply with state law prohibiting inclusion of the code’s residential fire sprinkler mandate. Missouri Senate Bill 108, which passed in 2011, extended the prohibition of mandatory residential fire sprinklers through 2019 and also continues to require builders of one- and two-family dwellings to offer installation of fire sprinklers to home purchasers (at the purchaser’s expense.)

The HBA of Greater Springfield and other Missouri affiliates have encouraged builder members to document the offer in their contracts to affirm compliance with state law and have provided a form to facilitate that process. While the state statute does not actually require the offer be documented, in its adoption of the 2012 IRC, the City of Republic now specifically requires proof of the builder’s offer to the purchaser.

The City asks that the builder provide the documentation prior to requesting the final inspection. That inspection can be completed but the City will not issue the certificate of occupancy until the documented offer is provided in some fashion. Republic does not provide the builder with a form, but does reference the form and guide created by HBA of Missouri and the Missouri Fire Service Alliance.  Staff will accept the HBA’s form or any other document that shows compliance with the State Statute.

If you have questions regarding this requirement, you can contact the Republic Building Inspector’s office at 417-732-3172.