CBBT Slow Pitch – What’s CBBT… What’s Slow Pitch?

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the CBBT “slow pitch” event for the HBA Political Action Committee (PAC) on Tuesday November 5 (see photos below). It was a great experience for everyone involved.

The program was designed so our associate sponsors could have a chance to educate our builder members about their products in a very low pressure manner. This gave the builders a chance to ask questions and have discussions without feeling obligated to make a purchase.

The reason for this event, and others that the CBBT has throughout the year, is to help our political advocacy efforts. The money that goes into our PAC is spent supporting candidates who are supportive of our industry. We focus on key positions like county commissioners, mayors, state representatives, and senators to name a few.


Builders want Advocacy and need Associates to Support Advocacy.


As you know, those positions can have a huge impact on the building industry. With the strike of a pen, crippling regulations could be enacted adding thousands of dollars to building costs. That is exactly why the CBBT exists –  to help protect you from that. Just look at what is happening in Washington DC these days….


Associates want Builders, so HBA Builder participation
is CRITICAL to the Power of the HBA CBBT.


Please help us say thank you to our current associate supporters of the CBBT who understand that protecting your business is their business!  Thank you Southern Supply, Meek’s – The Builder’s Choice, Hermann Lumber, Midwest Block and Brick, Conco and Tidwell Concrete!

Of course this event would have been one dimensional without the HBA Builder Members who set aside a few hours of their valuable time to participate in this Slow Pitch Event. Builders want advocacy and need Associates to support advocacy. Associates want Builders, so HBA Builder participation is CRITICAL to the power of the HBA CBBT.

Builders in Attendance:

  • Rusty MacLachlan – CAASH
  • Sam Clifton – CGP
  • Kevin Clingan
  • Gene Douglas
  • Brian Willaby
  • Ed Alden
  • Jason Bekebrede – CGB, CGP
  • Trent Cowherd
  • Brett Godfrey – CGP
  • Travis Miller
  • Adrian Rhoads – CGP
  • Eric Purvis
  • Matt Bailey – CGB, CGP

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Miles Ross – HBA Government Affairs
CBBT – Coalition for Building Better Tomorrows (An HBA Political Action Committee)