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Welcome to your source for helpful tips and pointers from recognized local professionals in home building, remodeling, and home improvement projects. Do you have a do-it-yourself home improvement project on the horizon? Are you considering buying or selling a home? Do you need tips from industry professionals on remodeling your home or building the custom home of your dreams?

When do windows need repair? Southern Supply

Facebook post by Southern Supply As a homeowner, you may have asked yourself “how do I know when to repair or replace my home’s windows?” Well, take the first step and review the list below for tips on determining if your windows need repair or replacement. Like this post above and click the facebook icon to ... Read More

Fall Is the Ideal Time to Upgrade Your Insulation

This time of year, you may be noticing that your home’s a bit chillier in the morning. Maybe the floor is too cold to walk around barefoot in, or you need a sweater if you’re up late. Fall is a great time to upgrade your home’s traditional insulation to a more effective solution like spray ... Read More

Renovating Your Home, Once Your Children Move Out

Becoming an empty nester is no small thing in the life of a parent. And truly, there is no better time to consider a home renovation, along with upgrading your insulation to a more energy efficient material like spray foam, than now. Obviously, most parents miss having their children around, but with any luck, you ... Read More

DIY with a Purpose

For the past seven months, the Habitat for Humanity has partnered with the Springfield-Greene County Library District to provide educational workshops for library patrons free of charge called “DIY with a Purpose”. Members of Habitat’s construction team led programs with a variety of topics including tiling basics, exterior home maintenance, toilet trouble shooting and more. ... Read More

Making Zero Energy Equal a Perfect 10 - NAHB

Zero-energy homes, also known as net-zero homes, produce as much energy as they consume on an annual basis, sometimes producing more energy from solar panels, wind power, or other sources. These homes are far from mainstream, but home builders like South Carolina’s Todd Usher, guest writer for this blog post, are leading the race to ... Read More

WATCH New HBA Home Pros Commercial!

If you have not seen the new HBA Home Pros commercial being played during the Olympics, check it out below. Although there is a touch of humor in this spot, we are serious about home building and remodeling. Find Quality Insured Home Professional at HBAHomePros.com Here is some of the criteria that must be met to become ... Read More

Worried about air tightness tests?

You have probably heard the horror stories – a builder commits to building a super-efficient house. Maybe it’s going to be Energy Star rated, or maybe it’s R-2000, or maybe it’s something more elaborate. They get the house ready for occupancy but then they fail the final step in process. They’re unable to pass the ... Read More

Picture This Windows and Doors

This Carbondale residence features Marvin Windows and Doors including the beautiful Picture, Ultimate Awnings, Ultimate Casements, Round Tops and Polygon/Special Shapes Windows and Ultimate Inswing French Doors. Contact Southern Supply to get this look for your home! 417.866.3551 or southernsupply.com   Photo by Southern Supply - More modern home design ideas Photo by Southern Supply - ... Read More

Reduce heating & cooling with simple Honeycomb Shades

Did you know without energy-efficient window coverings, as much as 50% of a home's heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. That is about one-third of a home’s total thermal loss. Consider installing Honeycomb Shades (AKA Cellular Shades). These shades are a window covering used to block or filter light and insulate ... Read More

Blue Book Monthly - Market Update May 2016

Blue Book Monthly: May 2016 The market is on fire right now!  Prices have maintained a steady rise over the past six months, and interest rates have stayed low.  It is such a great time to buy or sell a home in the Ozarks!  In nearly every metric measured in our monthly reports, May totals ... Read More

How To Protect Your Home From A Tornado - Debi Murray

How To Protect Your Home From a Tornado With the 5th anniversary of the tragic Joplin tornado just passing and the storms sweeping through North central Kansas, we started thinking about ways Ozarkers could protect their homes and themselves if a tornado should occur this summer.  According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, May ... Read More