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Education for HBA Members - May 2018

It’s time to RSVP for HBA Education in May! We have three different topics scheduled this month ranging from how title requirements have changed in new construction to managing people to installation tips for windows and doors – there’s something for everyone! Call 417-881-3711 or email today to reserve your spot. - BUILDERS! - These ... Read More

Protect Your Home Investment: Designations Make A Difference!

Quality workmanship, knowledge and experience matter, especially when you will be investing a significant amount of money with a home builder or remodeler as you build a new home or update your current one to fit your lifestyle. Choosing a building professional with a designation can help ensure you are hiring a builder or remodeler who ... Read More

Big Changes for Missouri Workers Compensation

Guest Column from Randall Gammill, MBA, SPHR Certified Work Comp Advisor Connell Insurance Re-printed with Permission from Michaelcoan.com On July 1st Missouri joined nearly 3 dozen other states that have adopted a new formula for the workers’ compensation experience modifier. As most employers already know, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) collects payroll, job ... Read More

National Issues Weigh Heavy Locally

Last week (May 17-20) the National Association of Home Builders held its annual spring board of directors meetings in Washington, DC. Among the members of the NAHB board are HBA of Greater Springfield past presidents Sam Bradley, Brett Godfrey and Rusty MacLachlan. Following is a "quick hits" summary of some of the most pressing current ... Read More

Bailey Blog: What does it mean to “Engage?”

Member engagement. What does that mean to me or my company? It is a fair question that many HBA members may be asking themselves about Tuesday’s special general membership meeting (Member Engagement Mixer). Let me try to explain this from my point of view. You see, my father had always been active in the HBA ... Read More

May I Tweet You from IBS?

If you haven't yet caught onto the Twitter bandwagon (or if you have but have yet to discover the new world of membership value provided through the HBA's social media connections), a grand opportunity is just around the corner. The National Association of Home Builders annual International Builders Show International Builders' Show® (IBS) officially opens January ... Read More

CEO Blog: Welcome to the NEW HBA Housing News Weekly E-Newsletter!

In September of 1908, Henry Ford released the first production Model-T automobile. Previous to the release of this car, horse-drawn carriage was the preferred mode of transportation. From 1908 into the late 1920’s, carriage and buggy companies worked furiously to improve their product in order to compete with the expanding automobile industry. Luxury seating and ... Read More

Why Twitter sooooo fits the HBA - and you

Are you on Twitter? If so, waste no time - skip right to the end of this blog post and start following us (I know that sounds uncomfortably like stalking if you aren't familiar with Twitter... keep reading)! If not, allow me to run through a little background on this Twitter craze. Like a lot ... Read More

Share Your Biggest Bureacratic Obstacles with the HBA!

Just about every HBA member has war stories. Some "new" requirement added at the eleventh hour by a city or county staffer that threatens to blow up a whole development? Perhaps differing code interpretations by different inspectors for the same city? Or do you have other pet peeves when dealing with a building regulations or ... Read More