FAQ – Can I Go to Work at my Construction Related Job?

Can I go to work at my construction related job or supplier under “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” orders?

YES - with stipulations (see frequently asked questions below)
Your HBA has worked tirelessly to show local and state leaders that construction is an essential, and safe way to keep the economy moving without putting the public at risk.

Springfield, Greene County, Ozark, Christian County, St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, are among those that have issued “Stay at Home” orders that deem construction and its related industries “Essential Businesses”. Meaning that although you can’t go to the movies or the mall, you can still go to work or the hardware store.

Currently, the only municipality in Missouri that has stopped construction, is the City of Branson and we are working with City leaders to get that changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for Springfield FAQ - PDF

Click here for Nixa FAQ - PDF

The below FAQs only apply to Springfield, MO although Ozark and Greene County are following the same order.

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