Boracare it Builders! Termite Pretreatment

If you are a builder or building a new home, schedule our BoraCare pretreatment for lifetime protection against termites. It’s an all-natural product that is applied after you’re under roof but before your insulation is installed. So why should you use BoraCare?

It’s All-Natural & Super Effective

Boracare is an all-natural product that we apply to the wood in your home anywhere that wood and concrete meet. It’s harmless to humans, but deadly to termites. Its main ingredient is a mineral salt that termites can’t digest, which causes them to starve, keeping colonies from ever forming inside your home.

BoraCare vs. Traditional Soil Pre-treatments:

When compared to traditional pre-treatments, we think BoraCare is the obvious choice. Take a look the top three reasons in the comparisons below.

  1. BoraCare is totally safe for humans → Soil pre-treatments contain chemicals that have to be pumped into the ground, which can seep into your ground water.
  2. BoraCare lasts for the lifetime of the wood → Soil pre-treatments break down over time and become less effective.
  3. BoraCare can be applied while other contractors are working inside your house → Soil pre-treatments have to be applied before concrete is poured and can cause a bottleneck in progress as you wait for the scheduled treatment.