Attack on Housing

The sobering theme of National Association of Home Builders Fall Board of Directors meetings last week in New York is that housing as we know it is under direct attack by the federal government. The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction that millions of home buyers have counted on since 1913 is on the Congressional chopping block. ... Read More

Housing Conference Recap - Finding the New Normal

The "good old days" of housing are gone for good. If you are waiting for the housing industry to get back to normal, you’re in for a surprise. It’s not going to happen. The old "normal" is gone, a new "normal" is evolving. Springfield’s 1st regional housing conference served as a road map for success ... Read More

Change and the Art of Survival

A very large Oak Tree was uprooted by a storm and thrown across a stream. It fell among some reeds, which the powerful tree addressed, “How is it that these winds can knock me down, but you who are so weak and frail survive?” They replied, “You fight and contend with the wind, and consequently ... Read More

President's Blog: A Tale of Two Sams

A wise grandmother once said, “If you’re having a bad day, then do something good for someone else. You will brighten their day and yours, too”. In the midst of a slow housing market, two of our builder members took the advice of Grandma. At a time when conventional wisdom tells us to look out ... Read More

A Productive Talk With Our Lenders

The board officers and our Education Czar recently invited member lending institutions to the table to discuss the dramatically different landscape we find ourselves in currently, especially with regard to AD&C lending and individual mortgage loans. Our objective was to better understand both the market and regulatory forces which are creating the changes that affect ... Read More

Fed Action Means Lower Mortgage Rates are on the Way

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced some very aggressive steps aimed at unlocking the sluggish credit markets, with a major focus on further lowering mortgage interest rates. The Fed said it would significantly expand its ongoing program of buying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and debt. The Fed increased its planned MBS purchases ... Read More

Hope Springs Eternal

Good News! Good News!  Good News!  The St. Louis Cardinals are still in first place.  Well so are the Cubs for that matter.  But, opening day is just around the corner and our beloved redbirds are sure to have a banner year.Wow, a little good weather does great wonders for our spirits. We just cannot ... Read More

Update on HBA & GSBOR meeting

The leadership teams from The Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield and the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors held the first meeting in what is to become a quarterly event. Both associations recognize that we share common concerns over the housing market, and that we have much to offer each other. I am confident that ... Read More

A Rare Opportunity

As Home Show approaches, it is important for us to be able to share the upside of the current market with the public. That is the focus of my message (see below) for the HBA Event Magazine which will be distributed at Home Show and other major events throughout the year. PRESIDENT'S 2009 EVENT MAGAZINE ... Read More