Energy Star is Like a Good Chocolate Chip Recipe

I seldom meet a chocolate chip cookie I do not like. Occasionally, I come across one that is to “die for.” You know what I am talking about, the ones that are so good they should be illegal - maybe not in Colorado or Washington, but I digress. You would think that all chocolate chip ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: How Green is Greene?

Greene County has been "green" for years.  My Grandmother decades ago told me things like, “take care of the land and it will take care of you. Waste not, want not.”  And of course, “Turn off the light when you ain't using it.”  Yes, she said "ain't" and she also had no “i-de” she was ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: The Sound of Green is Free

You have to love words that don't go together, words like "sound", "green" and "free". Placed in a sentence as in this title, they don't appear to make sense. The confusion is that you first have to know what the sound of green is to understand why it is free. If you are thinking "green" ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: Can You Hear Me Now?

Remember those old “tin can” phones connected with a string that we all played with as kids? “Can you hear me now” was always the question and the answer was seldom related to that question. Communication was mostly noise, and we all pretended that we understood. It’s a lot like “green” conversations that we hear ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: 30.78 Acres of Trees

It is not too often that I get to brag about the building industry that I work in, but bragging proof came in the mail yesterday.   ENERGY STAR notified me that I had rated 38 houses that were certified as ENERGY STAR Qualified in 2011.  I knew this, but they added some information I did ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: HVAC - the Vast Unknown

We all love to untangle a mystery, and building “green” can be a mystery. But things are changing. In the last ten years Building Science and applications in the field have come together so that the buying public knows many of the right questions to ask. They know about Blower Door tests, HERS ratings, R-values, ... Read More

Builders Circle Blog: Thirty-Nine and Still Counting!

Jack Bennie, the famous comic from years ago, always claimed to be 39 years old. Year after year he remained 39. I like the idea of not aging, but some things need to grow in number. We just received the official certification for the HBA-led Habitat for Humanity house in Builders' Circle Subdivision from the ... Read More

Builders Circle Blog: Football, Golf and HERS Ratings

The HERS energy rating on a house is more like golf than football. Football is loud, rough, and high score wins. Golf is quiet, skillful, and low score wins, with the typical championship golf courses having par values of 72. The official HERS rating for the HBA's Habitat house is in…and the final ENERGY STAR ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: How Low Can You Go?

Low is not always something we like to think about. To lower your driving speed when you are late for a doctor's appointment, to get there just in time so he can tell you to lower your cholesterol and lower your weight, tends to give us a low, negative feeling. The doctor's advice continues to ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: Green Comes in Many Colors

I don’t know whose idea it was or why Mom thought it was cool, but she did. This idea could be classed in the same league as “bell bottoms”, and likewise, never improved with time. Oh yes, it was green, but not the “green” we refer to today. This green was only skin deep, and ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: Don’t duck in the attic!

Yes, I have the title right. I meant “duck” (as to move, to avoid). I know the title doesn’t seem to make sense because we do want to duck in the attic, don’t we? If you have ever hit your head in the attic, it was an accident, you were not thinking or paying attention, ... Read More

Builders' Circle Blog: Is that Santa Up on the Roof?

No Santa, no red suit, no “Ho, Ho Ho”…in fact there is almost no sound at all on this roof. The color up there is a yellowish brown and is the gift that keeps on giving year-round. What’s “up on the roof top”, you ask? It is open cell spray foam, found on the under-side ... Read More