Air Conditioning – Preparing for Summer

Getting your Air Conditioner ready for the Summer. The heat and humidity is just around the corner.

All air conditioning systems should be serviced at the beginning of each cooling season by a qualified service company. There are many components that can only be checked with specialized tools like refrigerant pressures, air volume, electrical voltages and amperages.

In addition to those items some other components need regular cleanings like the blower wheel, evaporator and condenser coils, the condensate drain and filter.

Some things a homeowner can do for themselves would be to ensure that there are no grass, shrubs, or other items impeding the air flow around the outside unit. Replacing the air filters indoors is not only good for your air quality, but it also reduces the strain on your unit.

A clean, properly serviced and adjusted system will operate for less money, last longer and is less likely to have an untimely breakdown.

This HBA Home Pro Tip provided by SS&B Heating & Cooling.