Meet the HBA Team

The primary function of the HBA Staff is to execute the vision, priorities, and policies that serve HBA members, as set by the board of directors. The Home Builders Association team is led by the Executive Officer, who is hired by and reports directly to the HBA Board of Directors.



Travis Miller

(CGP) President | Builder

Austin Miller

Vice President | Builder Member



Jerry Corbett

Jerry Corbett, SR.

John Harp

John Harp

The Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Collectively, this board of directors sets goals and policies for the organization. Each board member holds a fiduciary duty to make decisions based on what is in the best interest of the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield.

Elections are held annually in which the full membership of the HBA of Greater Springfield has the opportunity to vote for the leadership best suited to serve on the board of directors. The HBA’s Executive Board consists of the officers and the immediate past president of the board of directors. Officers include the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The officers of the board are elected annually by vote of the general membership.

The responsibilities of the board and the board officers (along with other rules of governance of the Association) are outlined in the Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield Bylaws.