Lunch at The Deck Company – Watch Video

Thank you to The Deck Company for our FIRST Member Hosted Lunch Event! Michael Ormsby, owner of The Deck Company, and Becky Thornton put together our first on-site Lunch Membership event and cooked up some bratwursts, burgers, beans and brownies. The burgers and brats were awesome by the way!

HBA Members enjoyed a mid-day break with food and prizes while learning more about The Deck Company. "This HBA event was not like our usual evening events as associate members and builder members came and went over a three hour period allowing for more one-on-one conversations," says Charlyce Ruth, HBAGS CEO. She went on to say that, "it is nice to try something different from time to time and we believe this was a success as we saw quite a few faces that don't normally make it to the evening events."

Be sure to sign up for our MAY BREAKFAST Event at  Southern Materials (sponsored by Southern Supply & Southern Materials) on May 16. Event starts at 7am and the NEW 2017-2018 HBA Membership Directories will be distributed - PLEASE RSVP


This event sponsored and hosted by The Deck Company!
The Deck Company