HBA Parade of Homes 2017 Summary

HBA Parade of Homes 2017First, thank you to all those who helped with this year's HBA Parade of Homes. We have a great membership filled with individuals and organizations that go above and beyond to make our events a success. Speaking of success, more than 10,000 doors were opened to nine HBA Parade Homes over two weekends. And that doesn't include all the attempted door openings that were clearly marked, "Do Not Open." 🙂

Average attendance per home was up and two of the six homes for sale SOLD as a result of the Parade. One home sold right before the event and those that have not yet sold their home are extremely happy with the leads received for building new homes as well as leads for selling their Parade Home.

As always, the HBA Parade of Homes proved to be a great way to showcase the work of HBA Builders and suppliers as well as providing opportunities to meet potential new customers face to face. Plan ahead and see if you can show off your work, sell your home or acquire new customers through the 2018 HBA Parade of Homes.

NOTE: If you were a Parade builder this year, or in the past, and would like to provide a testimonial about your HBA Parade of Homes experience, please shoot us an email.