5 Ways to Improve Your HBA Home Pros Listing – Enhanced Profile, BBB, Reviews…

Below are five ways to improve your HBA Home Pros listing with the Featured Member Ad Package, which can include your BBB Accredited Rating and/or Google my Business Reviews, Listing Banner, Category Banner Ad, Top of the List and a Category Banner Ad.

Circle Bullet 1
Google My Business Reviews - On Your Listing

How to embed MULTIPLE Google Reviews in your HBA listing or your website:

  • Go to https://reviewsonmywebsite.com and setup an account (simple).
  • You will be required to connect your google account that is associated with your Google my Business.
  • Follow the instructions to creating your widget.
  • Copy the code and send it to Aaron@HBASpringfield.com
  • Only 5 reviews will be listed with the free widget.
  • The HBA of Greater Springfield is not responsible for anything related to the use this third party plugin, including reviews displayed, malware etc.
  • Displaying google reviews within your listing requires the Featured Member Ad Package (FMAP). Information on FMAP Below.
  • See sample of the HBA Google my Business Reviews below. As you will see, we need more reviews:-)
  • ALSO - See Central Home Systems listing for an example.
  • Featured Member Ad Package required to embed google reviews (see #3 below).


Circle Bullet 2
BBB Accredited Seal - Provide Your Seal

If you are BBB Accredited you can add your seal to your HBA Home Pros listing.

  • Login to your BBB account - Click Here!
  • You will need your email address and password associated with your business.
  • If you do not have this information, click here for contact information.
  • Click here to apply for Accreditation.
  • See sample of the HBA BBB Accredited Seal below.
  • Displaying a BBB Seal in your listing requires the Featured Member Ad Package (FMAP). Information on FMAP Below.

Home Builders Association of Greater Springfield BBB Business Review

Circle Bullet 3
Featured Member Ad Package (FMAP)

Enhanced Profile PLUS - See Sample Below

  • Includes an enhanced Profile on your HBAHomePros.com membership listing (ad, social media links, company description, BBB Seal, Google Reviews, embedded YouTube capability and a link to your website).
  • Also includes an ad placed in rotation at the bottom of every page on HBASpringfield.com and HBAHomePros.com.
  • Go to HBAHomePros.com and click on a category and notice those with and without an FMAP.
  • Ad dimension - 225 x 150px (jpg or png preferred).
  • $150 per year.
  • Additional fee applies for banner design.
  • Contact Aaron@HBASpringfield.com if you are interested.
  • Sample below shows a builder with the FMAP and one without.

Featured Member Ad Package Monticello Custom Homes

Circle Bullet 4
Top of the List - See Sample Below

  • Your membership business will appear within the top three of a specific category on HBAHomePros.com (top slot rotates to 3rd slot every 4 months)
  • This is great for members that would like to be seen at the top of the listing for a specific category.
  • It is also good for those company names that start with "Z" and do not benefit from an alphabetically listing.
  • 2 category limit per member.
  • 3 members per category maximum (positions rotates every 4 months)
  • Must have Featured Member Ad Package (FMAP).
  • $150 per year per category.
  • Go to HBAHomePros.com and click on the category "Countertops" and notice that Edge Stoneworks and Ozarks Marble are at the very top of the list.
  • Contact Aaron@HBASpringfield.com if you are interested.
  • Sample below shows Southern Supply at the Top of the List - if alphabetical they would be down the list.

Top of the list Southern Supply

Circle Bullet 5
Listing Banner (NEW-BETA) - See Sample Below

  • The Listing Banner is a new addition in 2018 for those with a Printed Directory Ad and Category Banner Ad.
  • See the SS&B listing under Heating & Air Conditioning or Edge Stoneworks under Countertops.
  • Ad dimension - Currently 1640 x 150px (jpg or png preferred). Height of this banner may change. Currently Beta Testing.
  • Free when advertising with both a Category Banner Ad ($75 per year) and in the Printed Membership Directory (smallest ad is $175) - Must reserve ad space before March 20th.
  • Additional fee applies for banner design.
  • Contact Aaron@HBASpringfield.com if you are interested.
  • Sample below shows the "Listing Banner" beneath a regular listing for Edge Stoneworks.
    See basic listing sample above Edge Stoneworks.

Listing Banner for Edge Stoneworks

Circle Plus
Category Banner Ad 
- See Sample Below

Technically this is not part of your "listing," but it is a great way for you to stand out in whatever category you feel benefits you most.
This is the Top Banner in a Single Specific Category like builder or countertop (see top ads at hbags.info/catsample for an example).

  • Rotates with up to 10 advertisers.
  • $75 per year per category.
  • Additional fee applies for banner design.
  • Ad dimension - 1640 x 456px (jpg or png preferred).
  • Sample below shows a Category Banner ad for SS&B Heating & Cooling - Category "Heating & Air Conditioning."

SS&B Category Banner Ad

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